Student Ministry: 6th Grade-College

Scroll to bottom of page to see how we "Belong, Be, Behold, Grow, and Go"

Scroll to bottom of page to see how we "Belong, Be, Behold, Grow, and Go"

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Sunday Morning Life Groups

Join us Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:00 in the Student Center for live worship and teaching from God’s Word! We have developed a strategic discipleship process which starts when students come into our ministry in 6th grade and builds each year until they graduate High School. Our end goal is simple....Create disciples that can then go into the world and create more disciples.  Starting with the basics of faith in Middle School and ending with a financial plan to help graduates start college on the right foot.  Don't miss out on what we put together for you!  Middle and High School students will meet together on Sunday mornings for breakfast, fellowship, and announcements. During the school year they will break off into small groups based on their grade level

Wednesday Nights

Doors will open at 5:30pm. During this time students are welcome to eat from our cafe (items are between $1-$3), hang out with friends, and enjoy our recreation area behind the student center. We will start our Worship time promptly at 6:15 and we will dismiss at 7:15. We understand many of our students are involved with after school activities, so we wanted to push back the start and ending time to give those students a chance to get here.

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The first step is simply showing up! Come be a part of a community of students who love God and love others unconditionally. Welcome home!



We certainly believe in action, but we believe we must "BE" before we can "DO." We must simply BE a follower of Jesus before any action in life will make sense. Authentic life begins when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and begin a life following Him. 



Experiencing the grace of Jesus will lead us to worship Him. Behold is essentially a posture of worship -- living in a posture of constantly being in a state of wonder at the beauty of Jesus. One of our primary goals in discipleship is to lead students to yearn to worship Jesus.  



This is the foundation of why we exist as a student ministry. Our calling and passion is leading students to grow in their faith. We desire that students experience a greater nearness to Jesus every day, and our role is to simply show students how to grow closer to Jesus. 



Jesus has called us to GO! It could be going next door or going across an ocean. As Jesus transforms our hearts, our natural reflex is to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR. As we grow in our faith, everyone becomes our neighbor and we naturally have a desire to GO and love, care, and share.