Wednesday Night Life Classes

We have a variety of "Life Classes" that meet on Wednesdays. Classes start at 6pm. We aim to have a variety of classes for men, women and co-ed classes. We also have student and children's activities on Wednesdays that start at 5:30pm. It is our goal for the whole family to be involved!

Our last regular Wednesday night of 2018 is November 28. Students (6-12th) will have a Christmas party December 5, but there are no adult classes or children’s activities that night.

A new semester of classes will begin January 9, at 6pm. For those with children and teens, we also have programs for them during the same time. See children's information here and student information here. 


Man in the Mirror in Room A104 (Men's Class)

Based on the Patrick Morley book of the same name, this study focus each week on a different issue that men face. This study invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and the means to bring about lasting change. 

Pray! in Room D139-140 in the Platt Building (Co-ed) Led by SVBC Prayer Team

This is not a "study" but a weekly gathering of people who focus on praying each week. There is time for large group, small group and/or individual prayer. There are prayer guides provided each week with a variety of topics to focus on.

walking motherhood.jpg

Moms Connect Book Club: Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood in Room D141 in the Platt Building. (Women's Class) Led by Kristi Bothur & Dorothy Collins

This a book club style discussion of the book Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood. During the season of motherhood, it's easy to become so consumed with the doing that we forget to reflect and think upon who we are becoming and what we hope to impart to our children. This study focuses on your daily walk with the Lord through the experience of motherhood. By reflecting upon who God is, you can grow into the mother you want to become. During each of the eleven weeks of this Devotional Bible study, you will study a different truth about God and how growing into His image influences your children. As God makes an impact on your life as a mother, that imprint will make an impression on your child. Book cost: $10