Spring Valley Baptist Church Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry actively seeks God’s will in finding ways to enrich the lives of Spring Valley Baptist women through encouragement, involvement, opportunities to learn, friendships, sharing gifts and experiences, praising God, outreach, building the Kingdom of God, and personal growth.

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Moms Connect is a ministry designed to connect women with each other in meaningful ways. Moms in all stages of life can benefit so much from other Moms who have “been there, done that,” as well as being able to share our common experiences with each other. 

We have two options for meetings: Sunday's, 4-6pm and Monday's 9-11am. Childcare will be available for both times. Advanced registration is required. Moms Connect will meet on the second and fourth weeks of the month starting in January. The first meetings will be January 8 and 9. Register now by clicking the button below.

What will a typical Moms Connect meeting be like? During a typical meeting we will have Moms grouped at tables according to their children's ages and stages. The group will discuss a topic, talking about how it impacts our lives, and our connection with God. Moms will enjoy camaraderie with both peers and a mentor, and make new Christian friends. Topic examples are prayer with your kids, organization, budgets, bullying, and loneliness . 

If you are looking for support, encouragement and growth as a Mom, this is the place for you. Life isn't perfect--but we can do better when we have others around us to encourage us, connect with, and help us grow as Christian Moms. 

Want more information? Contact Dorothy Collins at dorothy.momsconnect@gmail.com.

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Upcoming Women's Events


Sharing Our Stories

January 22 at 6:15pm in the Platt Building

Kristi Bothur and Gilda Bocock will be "sharing their story" with us. Sharing Our Stories is designed as a time to hear from women from within SVBC about their life and their faith. 

Snacks are provided and speakers will begin at 6:30.