Plans for Children's Ministry Area

The following is an excerpt from our 2017 Financial Plan of Ministry brochure:

The Next Generation

God has blessed us through our new Student Center and now we want to provide a safer, more engaging space for our children and preschoolers. Working with a design consultant, we have a plan that will revamp our existing space and make it an exciting place for children to come learn about God. 

The sketches below are from the designer and are meant to give an idea of direction of the design process and the feel that we are trying to achieve for the space in the children's area. 

Entrance into the Children's Ministry area with a three dimensional ark and wallpaper along the wall depicting Noah and his family building the ark. In addition to the picture above, this entry point will also feature a desk, benches, water feature, and check-in center. 


The hallway will have new linoleum flooring that will mimic the look of the wooden floors inside the ark. The hallways will be segmented with 3-D faux wood beams that will serve as construction on the inside of the ark. In each segment there will be graphic wallpaper depicting different animals in various scenes. 

Picture2 Picture3 Picture4Picture5r

In the center of the hallway, the existing desk will  be eliminated and in it's place a dingy type boat bench (pictured above) will replace it. 

The Rally Room is designed as if you are standing on top of the ark on deck and looking across the sea. It will be complete with graphic wallpaper, a stage, puppet theater, and new linoleum flooring.