Music and Creative Arts Ministry
From infants to senior adults opportunities abound in our Music and Creative Arts Ministry. If God has gifted you in music, drama, dance, technology or art, you can find fulfillment by activiating your giftedness for Him. The development of your gift is expressed in worship, ministry, training and witness. Take a look at the opportunities for you, your family and friends.

Untitled-2Praise and Worship Choir:  Leads in worship every Sunday morning in traditional worship and contemporary praise worship.

Valley Voices:  Senior adults are on mission to nursing homes, retirement centers and civic organizations.

Praise Singers:  Grades 1-5 present an annual Christmas musical, sing in worship, and sing at our annual Music and Missions Night.

Preschool Music Activity Groups:  Beginning with infants through kindergarten, little ones sing for the congregation also.

Praise Orchestra:  Weekly rehearsal and bi-monthly worship leadership in our praise service, this is open to all ages with 2 years experience.

Praise Combo:  This praise band, along with singers, leads in our Sunday morning praise service twice monthly.

Ensembles and Praise Teams:  From our Praise and Worship Choir a variety of music groups lead in both of our Sunday morning worship services.

Worship Bells:  Our wonderful hand bell choir leads in our traditional worship service every month.

Passion Players:  Theatrical opportunities abound with our troupe that provides programs for special events and in worship.

Angels in Motion:  Students find interpretive movement a way to express their faith.

S.A.L.T.:  Sound and Light Team supports our worship and outreach with sound, lights, images, video recording, and duplicating.

For more information contact Dr. Rick McCollum at 803-726-7371

Columbia Nativity Theater Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer for Columbia Nativity Theater's "Two from Galilee" is set for Thursday, December 1st.  This Day of Prayer has been designated as such so we, as a church, can be unified in our prayer support for this church-wide project for our community.  You may participate in several ways:

1. Pray wherever you are.

2. Come to the Platt Building at Spring Valley Baptist Church during business hours 8:00-4:30 on the Day of Prayer.

3. Prayer information sheets are available at our Welcome Center and are also listed below.


Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the choir.  There are 65 singers who will be supporting the cast in all musical aspects of the presentation.  We trust God for good health so that our voices will be strong.  We trust God for articulation of words and correct notes.  We trust God to help us focus on the task at hand even in the midst of all of the busyness of the season.

2. Pray for the cast.  There are 28 cast members who will be on stage during the presentation of this musical program.   In addition to good health, we are trusting God for sharp memory of words and notes.  We also trust God for quick changes that need to be made with microphones and costumes between scenes to create a seamless flow of the story line. 

3. Pray for the leadership.  We have leaders in various areas of responsibility – executive producer, producer, drama director, music director, props director, technical director, production director, costuming director, evangelism director, house director, and publicity director.  Pray that their leadership is clear and precise and will be carried out with great purpose and passion.

4. Pray for the congregation.  We will have two presentations on December 11, at 5:00 and at 7:30.  We are trusting God for a good attendance at each of those.  We are also trusting God to touch the hearts of all who attend, especially those who do not know Jesus.  Pray that people will step closer to the God that they love.  Pray that those who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior will come to believe and accept Him.  Pray that this will be an opportunity for those who do not have a church home will connect with Spring Valley Baptist and find a loving community of faith here.

5. Pray for the publicity. We are connecting with scores of businesses in our community as they allow us to place posters in their locations.  Pray that both their workers and their customers will take note of those posters and attend our event.  Also, pray that these connections will open additional doors of ministry to them in the near future as we return to them with other events to publicize and begin to minister to those businesses this spring with an outreach beyond the walls of our church.  Pray also for the direct mail campaign that we will reach our community with the message that Two from Galilee is something that can enhance their Christmas experience.  You can put feet to this prayer by picking up business cards located throughout the church and handing them to your family and friends as you invite them to attend this presentation.

6. Pray for construction.  Pray both for the construction of the stage and the tearing down of the stage at the conclusion of the presentation.  We trust God for safety during this work and accuracy of the job.

7. Pray for props.  A variety of props are used for this presentation.  Some are created.  We trust God that they will look authentic and also be used in an effective way to tell the story.

8. Pray for technical support.  We will have a team that will work with lights and sound.  We trust God for effective lighting and clean, clear sound that assists with our telling the story and effectively communicate the gospel during this presentation.  We also trust God that our professionally recorded music will run smoothly, without any glitches or concerns.

9. Pray for house support.  Parking, greeting and ushering are aspects of this presentation that help set the tone for the evening.  We trust God that those in attendance will be pleasantly influenced by those greeting them, from the parking lot to the pew.  We also trust God for other behind-the-scenes support that is given by this team, including refreshments and the attending to the children of the choir and cast members.

10. Pray for costuming.  We trust God to help us imagine and design costuming that brings a sense of realness and authenticity to this event.  This takes planning and implementation of costumes, but it also takes coordination and care of these outfits with the cast that will be using them.

two from galilee