Wednesday Night Life Class Schedule
Classes begin at 6pm.

Current Wednesday Night Classes 6pm

Body & Soul Fitness Boot Camp

A fun, high energy workout. Perfect for those who don’t want to worry about keeping the beat or dancing. This class is co-ed. Led by Paula Patterson and Maria Owens.

Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse is a ongoing, year round Bible study and time of prayer led by Raymond Ayers.

Follow Me

David Platt answers this question by taking you on a journey to see that the invitation to follow Him is an invitation to a relationship. It's a relationship marked by self-denial, personal intimacy, single-minded ambition, and ultimate joy. In following Him, you will find the purpose you were created for which is to bring glory to God by sharing the gospel and to make disciples who make disciples. Led by Ann Fleshman , 6 weeks.

Missing Person

The mere mention of "evangelism" instantly brings up feelings of inadequacy and failure in most believers. If we're really honest, for the majority of us, finding missing persons and sharing the Good News with them is the most difficult part of the Christian life. We know that we need to do it. We know that others need us to do it. But many of us never do it. If we will share what we know, and if we will live what we share, that is all God is asking of us. In the series "Missing Person", Dr. Merritt explains just how simple our part of evangelism really is. We have a part to play, and God has His part to play. We can't do His part, and He won't do our part. When we realize that we're not solely responsible for the outcome, we can cast off the fear and guilt that keeps us from sharing the seed that will change someone's life forever!  Led by Jim Fisher, 3 weeks.


Starting April 23:

Always True: God's Promises When Life is Hard

2 Peter 1:3 refers to certain portions of God's Word as exceedingly great and precious promises. Great promises are ones that don't fall apart during difficult times; they reveal hope in the midst of the storm. Precious promises are ones that we find strong enough to hold us up and resilient enough to get us through. God's promises become exceedingly great and precious to us when nothing else will do. By way of digging into the theology of God's Promises, Pastor James uncovers 5 major categories of promise in the Bible and the 5 areas about which God repeatedly makes promises. From what to do with fear and doubt to God's goodness, help, and victory-the Bible has much to say about God's presence in our difficulty.  Led by Tony McDuffie, 6 weeks. 


daniel plan

Sunday Nights
5pm in Platt Building
The Daniel Plan is not just another diet. It's a lifestyle based on the biblical story of Daniel who would not eat the king's rich food in order to honor God's best for him and his friends. It focuses on "The Simple Six" Core Principles: Connect for Success, Rely on God's Power, Eat Delicious Whole Foods, Move Your Way to Health, Think Sharper & Smarter, and Heal for Life. Led by Dennis Ely.